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User’s Isolated Storage is lost when deploying a new version of your application /TechBlog.aspx?PageIndex=0&BLID=13 2009-04-03T10:10:38.117Z <p> Developing my Silverlight based <a href="">dbschema tool</a> I needed a way to let the users store their changes locally (e.g. internet connection is lost… save my changes somewhere please !), of course SL runs on a sandbox and in version 2 you cannot make a "save as" on a local computer (on version 3 yes), I could use some sort of javascript / server side custom http handler to work around it but sound to me like something crappy… then I found info about the Isolated Storage, cool stuff !!</p> <p> As soon as I finished with my development I uploaded the changes and checked that the local save worked pretty well, so far so god, but somedays after that I just uploaded a new version of the application (a minor change, updating the size of some controls) and I realized that… MY FILES SAVED UNDER THE ISOLATED STORAGE WHERE GONE !!! AAAAGHHH !!!! </p> Silverlight Visual Studio XAML Design view not working /TechBlog.aspx?PageIndex=0&BLID=12 2009-03-24T07:17:01.117Z This one is an strange one... in some Visual Studio installations you can find that the XAML view is not working at all (no design view, not even code formatting), even if you go to your IDE options you get a nasty message in the XAML part (an error ocurred loading this property page) Silverlight + WCF + SSL + Authentication quick troubleshooter /TechBlog.aspx?PageIndex=0&BLID=11 2008-11-28T03:41:24.023Z <p> Some days ago I had to deploy my application into SSL hosting and add Authentication. </p> <p>I have compiled the issues and solutions that I found, hope that this could save you some headaches</p> Silverlight 2.0 Beta 2 plus ADO .net Entity Framework not working yet /TechBlog.aspx?PageIndex=0&BLID=10 2008-08-24T01:33:19.11Z <p> Visual Studio SP-1 has been released and one of the major updates of this Service Pack is the RTM of the ADO .net Entity Framework. Does this integrate well with the current Beta 2 version of Silverlight + WCF ? ... in theory yes, but in practice... </p> Diet plan for ASP .net pages… LOOSE WEIGHT NOW !! /TechBlog.aspx?PageIndex=0&BLID=9 2008-04-19T13:11:31.163Z If we don’t take care about how we feed our ASP .net pages… we will find that they will tend rapidly to gain too much weight, this can provide us a lot of headaches. Let's see how to reduce the size of our pages. Textblock: Avoid overflow, display text inside a limited area /TechBlog.aspx?PageIndex=0&BLID=7 2008-01-28T23:08:42.657Z <p> Textblock is not the most documented control in Silverlight… one of the most common things that we developers have to face in our day by day work is to fit a text inside a given width and height. </p> Managing a timer from code-behind with Silverlight 2.0 /TechBlog.aspx?PageIndex=0&BLID=6 2008-01-26T03:02:58.873Z In a recent development I need to poll every X seconds to a web service to update my silverlight front end.I was looking for a good example about how to do this using 1.1/2.0 but found a lot of issues, it seems that threading is still not very well supported in the current alpha version. Tips from the trenches: Better ASP .net AJAX enabled sites /TechBlog.aspx?PageIndex=0&BLID=5 2008-01-06T11:50:19.623Z <p> When a new technology comes to the market, we, developers, tend to learn "best practices" and "avoiding pitfalls" just by hitting our head into a wall… good geeks (like me :-)) are anxious to play with new stuff and they are tempted to say to his manager/boss/customer things like… "Your application will run twice faster", "We will deliver it in half the time needed"… and forget things like a new technology it’s always a challenge, there is a learning curve… </p> <p> This post tries to save you some late night pizzas and coffees by showing a bunch of tips learned in real life projects (2 AM in the morning, red eyes, …). </p> SSRS 2005: Add column headings on a Matrix Reports /TechBlog.aspx?PageIndex=0&BLID=4 2007-12-19T02:46:52.903Z Matrix reports are quite powerful, but... have you ever tried to add a heading to the columns area (not the data region)? No way?... In this post you will find some hacks about how to do this. Basic Sample: Generate RSS Feed using LINQ To SQL and LINQ To XML /TechBlog.aspx?PageIndex=0&BLID=3 2007-12-07T07:00:39.377Z <p>Learn LINQ To SQL and LINQ to XML by example</p> <p>Simple, step by step, sample about how to generate an RSSFeed using LINQ and LINQ TO SQL in only five lines of code.</p> Comparing Excel generation techniques on ASP .net: /TechBlog.aspx?PageIndex=0&BLID=2 2007-11-24T08:12:24.323Z <p> There are a lot of different approaches available for Excel Generation on ASP .net, and none of them seems to be a silver bullet… (some of them are limited, some others have an associated license cost, or pay a penaly on performance, ...) </p> <p> This post tries to shed some light in this area and easy the process of selecting which approach to follow in your web application. </p> Excel 2007 + Excel Services perfect combination for Ad Hoc reporting on BI /TechBlog.aspx?PageIndex=0&BLID=1 2007-11-11T07:14:35.883Z There are many tools available in the market for Ad Hoc reporting, for instance Ms offers tools like <i>Report Builder (SSRS)</i> and <i>Performance Point Analytics (former Proclarity Analytics)</i>. But... <b>Excel 2007 and Excel Services</b> seems to be the best set of tools for ad hoc reporting... <b>let's see why</b>.