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SSIS Compress File Task
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It was only a matter of time following my post the other day about System.IO.Compression, before I put this into an SSIS custom task. Well, here it is.

Excellent post... SSIS 2005 is getting old, it has some inherent limitations... no SFTP, no good tasks to consume XML, no native task to zip files !

In my case, we perform an extract and dump it into a csv file... that csv file extract it's huge, what about zipping it before transfer it over the network? (the ratio is hundred of Mb vs less than 10 Mb).

Checking in SSIS for that, we found that we can use Winzip or similar at command line level (try to convince the IT Admin to install such tool on their machines), use some commercial SSIS custom task (not expensive, about 500 $), or code it your self, using some of the open source libraries available (cowboy developer, let's reinvent the wheel :) ).

Hopefully, the folks from the Joy of Code have posted this excellent task for SSIS... zipping files task for free, excellent work !!!