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SQL Server 2005 Report Builder and Basic Authorization
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I have a customer who needs to use Basic Auth with SQL Reporting Services 2005, so I wanted to make sure they could get at Report Builder too.

Have your clients ever complained about an error when trying to execute Report Builder? Something like:

Cannot retrieve application. Authentication error.

Why this happens? This happens when the account that the user is using to login is different from the one that he uses to enter in SSRS. It's a bit crappy but click once just use the current identity of the logged user, not the one provided in SSRS to login. Solution ? Enable anonymous access to the folder where Report Builder binaries are placed.

More info:

ClickOnce always runs as a separate process on the client computer. The process identity is the default Windows user credentials. ClickOnce does not share session data with Internet Explorer or obtain the current user security context from Internet Explorer.

ClickOnce sends requests that specify Windows integrated security in the authentication header. If a server is configured for a different authentication type, the server will fail requests from ClickOnce with an authentication error. To work around this issue, you must either configure a server for Windows integrated security or you must enable Anonymous access to eliminate the authentication check.