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Microsoft OLAP by Mosha Pasumansky
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Analysis Services 2005 has strong support for translations. Most of the translation support is about metadata translations, i.e. names of cubes, hierarchies, measures etc. But there is also a way to specify translations for the attribute members. For example, Adventure Works database has French and Spanish translations for Category and Product attributes in the Product dimension. What is the best way to retrieve these localized captions through MDX ? The standard way to do so is through the use of LocaleIdentifier session property. I.e., if we will connect with LocaleIdentifier=3082 (Spanish), and issue the following query

In this post you will find a nice trick, how to convert a dimension value into a measure using MDX (e.g. imagine you have a dimension that contains percentages and you wnat to multiply it by a sales measure... by using this trick you can do it).

Just use this with care, normally is better to precalculate this values in the datamart (create a new measure with the result).

Thanks to Dexter Ian Soreta for this trick.