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MDX - Exclude Condition
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I have to built a query to get the % for all the Region (Americas, Asia and Europe) from a cube.

But in these regions some countries are excluded and treated seperate.

Like Asia does not include India and Japan.

How do I get the ASIA query using an EXCLUDE condition.


Excellent answer... a typical challenge when you want to extract results from a dimension is something like (e.g.): return me the sum of sales for all the countries but not this ones (A,B,C). Can this "not" or "except", "exclude" clausule can be implemented on MDX or should I have to go and create a new subset of countries? The answer is ... it depends:

You can create a query using WITH and Except and get that subset, but the recommendation is to create a new hierarchy on the dimension with your needed subset (if you are going to use heavily that set).