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Sun just announced MySQL Workbench, a new database design tool for MySQL developers and DBAs. I'm a data modeling tool junkie. I like to play with any I can get my hands on. I've used almost every modeling tool that's been built. My all time favorite is probably Erwin.

I decided to download MySQL Workbench and give it a try. Since I was playing with it, I figured I should write about it and while I am writing about it, I might as well write about a couple of other tools, that I have personally used, that you might like.


Altought this post is from an oracle subsite, it applies to SQL Server as well... where to a more generic area Free Database Modelling tools, here you will find evalutions of free tools, quite interesting.

Another tool to consider on this comparison is dbschemaeditor (when this article was published this tool was not available).