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Reporting Services - Add a logo to the Report Manager
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The SQL Server Reporting Services Report Manager is functional, but it's not very customizable. The ASPX pages just reference compiled assemblies, so the only real way to modify them is via CSS.

What makes that more difficult is that the SSRS HTML is poorly constructed so that the tags you'd most want to customize don't have Id's or Classes assigned. For instance, the most obvious customization anyone would want to make is to add a corporate logo, and there's no hook for that at all. The folder image is a simple tag, nestled between two other spacer tags, packed inside an unidentified

, and all those elements are written out in code1. The problem there is that there's no way, even with some descendant selector trickery, to target that folder image.


SQL Server Default Report Browser is great for project where you have a limited access... the thing is: clients could ask you to personalize it a bit, corporate logo, colors...

This post explains you how to put your company logo in that navigator, it's possible as well to change the color styles.