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How To: Traverse an ADO MD Cellset Object by Using Visual C# .NET
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The sample application that is provided in this article shows how to traverse an ADO MD Cellset object by using Visual C# .NET. The sample application provides a user interface that permits you to enter a Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) query in a text box. When you click the button in the application, the application retrieves the Cellset object and displays the retrieved Cellset object in a tabular format.

using ADO .net to read from a relational database is simple, just open a datareader and loop to get the results. Using ADMOMD to read from an OLAP cube is no that easy, you need to travers through pages, columns and rows...

This article shows you an example that traverse throught the results of an MDX query and displays them in an HTML table using ASP .net.