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SSIS: Checking for IsNumeric()
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Many ex-DTS users are miffed that the SSIS expression language does not have an equivalent of the VB Script IsNumeric() function that is used so extensively in DTS and to be honest, its a fair shout.

As I said above, the SSIS expression language does not have an IsNumeric() function so the Derived Column component cannot be used to do the same. Script Component to the rescue!!! The following code inside a script component will achieve the same.


Sometimes you have to import a column that you suposse that is numeric but comes as string (e.g. a CSV file, or a staging table where all the fields are text), SSIS does not have an already made box for this task... but you can always use .net in SSIS !!

This articles explains you how to check if a given column / row value is numeric using SSIS and a .net script task.